The Wilmington Public Library Website Gets a Facelift

The Wilmington Public Library Website Gets a Facelift

The Wilmington Public Library Website Gets a Facelift

Wilmington Public LibraryFebruary 1, 2016.  We are happy to announce that the redesigned website for the Wilmington Public Library is up and running! The Library’s website was outdated by five years and wasn’t mobile-friendly.  Libraries today are about more than just a storehouse of books, they are about gatherings of people enjoying all kinds of events and checking out new collections such as telescopes, lawn games and more. It was important that the new website made it easy for the user to see all the library has to offer including its print and digital collections.

A lot of Wilmington town residents are visiting the Library’s website to download content such as e-books, magazines, music and movies, which is why the updated website was crucial!  The upcoming events and Twitter feeds were prominently displayed on the front page for easy navigation. 

Our website designer, Donato Dandreo and I have enjoyed working with Tina Stewart and her team.  The team has the best interest in providing easy-to-find information for visitors to the Library.  Before we started the project, I didn’t know all the wonderful information and benefits the Library provides to the visitors — from downloadable music and movies, museum tickets, magazines, etc. You can even try out a 3-D Printer or borrow a professional telescope.


We hired Tomo360 in July 2015 to help us design a new user-friendly website for our library. Working with Susu Wong and Donato Dandreo was a pleasure. They were responsive to our ideas, needs and requests while providing us with professional guidance. In addition, they were flexible and accommodating with our timeline. Communication was easy and our staff was able to be involved in the development of the website.

The video tutorial, custom made for our new website, is a bonus and staff feel comfortable going forward with maintaining and keeping it current. Patron feedback on the website has been positive with many saying how easy it is to find what they are looking for. I highly recommend Tomo360 to anyone looking to create a professional looking vibrant website.    

~Tina Stewart, Library Director, Wilmington Memorial Library, Wilmington, MA 01887

Here is the full story with more information on the new website, written by Bruce Coulter, Editor of the Wilmington Advocate. Coulter interviewed Christina Stewart and me on how we collaborated together to give the library a digital facelift!

~ Susu Wong, Founder, Tomo360, Lowell, MA 01821

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