The Latest and Greatest from Constant Contact

March 2018 Updates
The Latest and Greatest from Constant Contact - March 2018 Updates

The Latest and Greatest from Constant Contact

Radicati’s 2016 Email Statistics report predicted that email would be used by 3 billion people (almost half of the world’s population!) by 2020. Now, 205 billion emails are sent every single day! This number is predicted to increase to 246 billion by the end of 2019. All we have to say is, holy cow!

As you may know, Tomo360 is a Solutions Partner of Constant Contact. Constant Contacts’ mission is to help small businesses navigate the promise, power, and potential of the web. Our partnership with Constant Contact allows us to provide our clients with affordable and highly effective email marketing campaigns to connect with your customers.

This past March, as they often do, Constant Contact shared their latest updates. Below, we have highlighted some of them:

New Email Error Status

Occasionally, there are errors that prevent an email from being sent. If you run into any of these errors, Constant Contact will mark the email with an ERROR status in red so that it is obvious that an email didn’t send or is unable to send. If an email is ready to be sent, but not scheduled, it will be marked DRAFT in grey (not red like it used to be).

Second and Third-Generation Email Differentiator

Constant Contact recently launched their new third-generation editor, which has new cool layouts, and user-friendly design features. It can be hard to tell which emails in Constant Contact were made with the second-generation editor and which were made with the third-generation. Constant Contact now added a label to emails created with the second-generation editor called “Legacy.”

The third generation editor makes it easy to manipulate the images by just dragging and dropping the photos where you want it on the body of the email. It also lets you resize the images by stretching them.

Another useful feature is the autoresponder that makes it easy to send a welcome email to new contacts—and make your first impression count. You can also set up an email series for similar customers, like contacts in the same area or customers who attended an event, and even segment contacts based on the content they click to create more targeted lists and send more relevant emails.

The Latest and Greatest from Constant Contact

An example of a Constant Contact pop-up sign-up form

Timing and Frequency Control for Pop-up Sign-up Form

Constant Contact has this super cool feature where you can add a pop-up sign up form on your website for visitors to sign up for your newsletter or another email list. Recently, they made it even more customizable. You can now control how often the pop-up form displays to the repeat visitors on your website. You can choose from once in a thirty minute period all the way to display the form only once.

Integrations Updates – Inbox Preview

Remember the statistics we mentioned above? Your audience is literally receiving hundreds of email in a week – sometimes even in a day – and each of them has a different email provider (Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo, etc.). To make sure your email stands out in your audience’s inbox, Constant Contact has integrated with Litmus to show you what your email looks like in the inbox of the top five most used email clients for desktop and mobile, before you’ve even sent it.

The Latest and Greatest from Constant Contact

An example of a Constant Contact A/B testing campaign

A/B Testing Updates

A/B testing is a useful way to learn which of two different messages reaches your audience. Constant Contact now allows users to have two subject lines for one email to portions of your list to more effectively A/B test. Once Constant Contact sees the initial results of the two subject lines, it will automatically send the winner to the rest of your list for you.

Read more extensively about these updates on Constant Contact’s blog.


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