Marketing Trends You Should Be Aware of and When to Hop on Board

Marketing Trends You Should Be Aware of and When to Hop on Board

Marketing Trends You Should Be Aware of and When to Hop on Board

Marketing trends are constantly changing and evolving to meet the needs of the customers within a target audience, but keeping up with all of the new developments can often times seem like an impossible task. Marketing trends that worked years ago are no longer effective, but these are a few marketing trends you should be aware of in today’s market.

1) Interactive Marketing

Marketing Trends You Should Be Aware of and When to Hop on BoardOne of the marketing trends making headlines this year is interactive marketing. Interactive marketing can be done in many different forms, but social media is always involved in one way or another. Rather you’re posting a Twitter poll, answering questions on your Instagram story, or reading comments on a Facebook live stream, people want to feel engaged in the marketing. Interactive marketing allows your customers to build a relationship with the brand and have their voices heard, rather than just viewing a generic ad.

This marketing trend takes consumers to a new level of interest in the product or service you’re selling. Mass produced ads are no longer effective in a time where marketing happens through social media. Utilize any interactive aspect of the online world you can to connect with your customers and make each of their voices sound important.

2) Transparent Marketing

The marketing trends this year are all about building trust between the consumer and the business – this trend is no different. Transparent marketing involves educating consumers about your product or service rather than selling it to them. Openly talk about what makes your product great, but don’t be afraid to address ways you’d like to improve in the future. Transparent marketing is a marketing trend that relies on honesty from the brand or business to sell a product, instead of outdated marketing tactics meant to trick the consumer into purchasing.

The market is so saturated with so many brands and products, consumers want something authentic.  Share your vision with potential consumers and let them know a little bit more about the inside of the operation to create a unique image of your brand in their mind and promote sales.

3) Influencer Marketing

Instagram and YouTube are filled with full-time influencers. A marketing trend that has quickly been growing in popularity includes using these popular influencers to promote products. Some brands choose to do paid sponsorships with big-name Instagram influencers, while others simply send influencers their product in hopes of it being mentioned in a video or post. Consumers have a closer level of trust with the influencers they follow than they do with large companies. Getting your product endorsed or supported by one of these influencers can potentially sky-rocket sales and reach prospective customers that would have never heard of your product without that influencer’s recommendation. Utilize the trust and relationships that these influencers already have established with their fans to fast-track your own relationship with customers.

If you’re wondering when the right time is to begin using some of these marketing trends, the answer is now! The quicker you hop on board with the most popular marketing trends on the market right now, the quicker you’ll be able to start reaching customers and improving your brand image.

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