Mitsy Kit Reaches Nationwide Customer Base with New Website by Tomo360

Mitsy Kit Reaches Nationwide Customer Base with New Website by Tomo360

Mitsy Kit Reaches Nationwide Customer Base with New Website by Tomo360

Tammy Roussell, Founder of Mitsy Kit, is an entrepreneur with a social mission. Her company provides adaptive kits and training that enables people of all abilities to remove barriers and participate in activities that help improve quality of life.

Mitsy Kit’s flagship product, the Mitsy Kit sewing, and quilting kit provides adapted materials and training to enable the blind, elderly, and memory impaired, to enjoy hand sewing and Mitsy Kit Reaches Nationwide Customer Base with New Website by Tomo360quilting using their sense of touch in place of eyesight.

Tammy was initially inspired to develop this touch-based sewing and quilting process for her mother, Mitsy, a former seamstress, after she lost her eyesight due to Retinitis Pigmentosa. After realizing the dramatic improvement this had on her mother’s quality of life, she was compelled to make it into a kit so that others could benefit in the greater blind and visually impaired community.

Soon after launching Mitsy Kit, it became apparent that the kit was useful and enjoyable for more than just the blind and visually impaired due to the ease of use; the ability to use in a group setting that is quick to accomplish and yielding quality product results.

Tammy met Susu Wong because they both participated in EforAll Accelerator classes. Tammy had a basic website when she started her organization, and it quickly became obsolete, making it extremely challenging to sell her products online. After she met Susu, she decided to have Tomo360’s Team to redesign the MitsyKit website and commission a new logo design.

Tammy wanted to sell her initial set of products with different variations and level of difficulty. Susu and her team designed the Mitsky Kit’s new site and set up eCommerce capability using a WooCommerce platform.  Given Tammy has an engineering background, she was very detailed and analytical in her approach.

“It was a joy to work with Tammy particularly because she has an engineering background. She partnered with us throughout the website and logo redesign process to design the shopping cart features, tax collection, coupon and shipping options”, says Susu Wong. “We were also able to provide custom video tutorials to show Tammy and her team how to add and change the orders on the back-end.”

Tammy Roussell and Susu Wong at UML Innovation Hub

The Mitsy Kit website was launched just in time, as Tammy’s sewing kit is in high demand nationwide. Her new website enables her to upload training videos and slides that she can then direct customers to when they order kits through links in order confirmation emails. It also gives prospective customers ability to preview how easy it is to make the kits, encouraging their buying decision. In addition to helping Mitsy Kit customers, the online training allows Tammy be more efficient and reach more customers as she can offer train the trainer certification programs all facilitated online.

“Building a website is a challenging proposition as it is the face of your customers and potential customers – so it is important to get it right. I am so pleased with the website built by Susu and her team,” says Tammy. “It provides me with the ability to easily and effectively communicate with people across the country and beyond about the value of Mitsy Kit, how easy it is to use, and how easy it is to find the right product to fill each person or organization’s specific needs. Tomo360 fulfilled all of the key objectives I wanted in my website and topped it off with training and tutorials that help me to seamlessly keep it maintained and up to date. I have definitely seen more new business and have been able to expand our reach geographically because of the effectiveness of our new website built by the Tomo360 team!”

The website was officially launched in the summer of 2017. Mitsy Kit customers from states from California to Louisiana, including nonprofits, charitable organizations, and corporations, are now sharing rave reviews.

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