4 New Facebook Features You Don’t Want To Miss: Blog Series Part 2

4 New Facebook Features You Don’t Want To Miss: Blog Series Part 2

4 New Facebook Features You Don’t Want To Miss: Blog Series Part 2

Facebook Recommendations

Our Facebook education continues! As a continuation of our latest blog, check out other additions Facebook has created to optimize social media marketing.

Facebook has launched a feature called “Recommendations”, where friends are given the option to recommend a business, product or place in another friend’s post or group when asked for a suggestion.

Let’s say a Facebook friend is asking for suggestions for local Italian restaurants. You would comment on the post and recommend your favorite place, right? With the new recommendations feature, when you type in your restaurant of choice on the post, it appears with a link to the restaurant’s Facebook Page! It also allows the friend to view the menu, call the restaurant or book a table if they want to. This feature also combines all of the recommendations into a map for your Facebook friend to easily access.

Facebook has provided a new way for you to interact with friends and gain insight on venues that interest you!




Facebook Marketplace

If you’re a person (or small business) who enjoys buying and selling items online, Marketplace is for you! After the extensive use of Facebook Groups for buying & selling purposes, local Yard Sale Groups for example, there is now a whole section for users to search, buy, or sell items without leaving Facebook.

To enter Facebook Marketplace, you simply click the “Shop” button at the bottom of the Facebook App.  ** This feature is not yet available for Facebook on Desktops.

Within the Marketplace, you can search for specific items and services, locate items for sale near you, and even post pictures of products to be sold. You’re able to make offers on items through the Facebook app, which sends a direct message to the seller. From there, the rest of the details of the sale can be completed.

For business owners, keep in mind that although it’s not a full E-commerce site yet, it’s not a bad idea to list your products in the Marketplace to increase your visibility. Overall, Marketplace is a great way to buy and sell products and services, and potentially reach a new audience!


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