Four Design Trends You Should Pay Attention To

Four Design Trends You Should Pay Attention To

Four Design Trends You Should Pay Attention To

2018 left us with stylish marketing content and visuals consisting of bold colors, gradients, custom imagery, and geometric shapes.  But with a new year comes brand-new styles that are sure to capture your audience’s attention. Here are the top four graphic design trends in 2019 to keep your eye out for and consider using in your future marketing material:

Living Coral – Color of the Year

Pantone is a business founded in 1962 and “[offers] tools for savvy industries from print to apparel to packaging.”  They are experts when it comes to color and graphic design.  Since 2000, The Pantone Color Institute has picked a color of the year by analyzing trends in various industries such as art, entertainment, fashion, and technology.  For 2019, this energetic pink and orange fusion with golden undertones is sure to spice up a landing page, eBlast, and even social media post just in time for the spring/summer seasons.

Colorful Minimalism

Minimalism is generally characterized by neutral color schemes, but this new trend incorporates the simplicity of minimalism and the eye-catching nature of a vibrant color palette.  This is an excellent continuation of the bolder color trend from last year, yet toning down the overall look and feel of the marketing content.  It’s chic but practical and really embraces the “less is more” approach to marketing.

Authentic Stock Photos

All too often we come across stock photos that look too professional or posed.  Today however, stock images are taking a new direction and becoming more genuine – as if you took them yourself.  Stock photos are a great addition to written content and help draw your eyes in.  Tomo360 is a huge advocate and we only recommend realistic stock photos if company photos aren’t available.


This trend started emerging in the graphic design space last year, and it will continue to grow.  Duotone is the use of two colors in one single graphic, and it makes quite the statement.  With a monochromatic background, it also improves the readability of the overlaid text.

Graphic design is a major component of marketing.  Everything from your logo to your website goes through a creative eye to ensure that you are developing something that will attract a viewership.  If you are interested in implementing any of these trendy graphic design ideas into your marketing efforts, contact us at 978-253-4922 or

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