Tomo360 Lends A Helping Hand to Lowell Businesses

The Lowell Economic Team and Tomo360 Collaborated to Offer Marketing Workshops

Tomo360 Lends A Helping Hand to Lowell Businesses

During the first wave of COVID-19, storefront businesses throughout Lowell were forced to close down. To provide support to the storefront business owners most significantly impacted by the pandemic, the Economic Team of Lowell teamed up with Susu Wong, Founder of Tomo360 to offer a series of four marketing workshops to help business owners open for business. Susu did two webinars in August 2020, one on how to effectively use websites, social media, SEO, and the other covering online marketing tactics to pivot their businesses after COVID. The webinars were well-received, with 25 businesses attending the two one-hour webinars. Subsequent workshops are scheduled for 2021.

The City of Lowell also offered a marketing grant of up to $2,000 for qualified business owners who attended both marketing webinars and completed the Tomo360 Marketing Canvas, which is a one-page blueprint of their marketing plan. We followed up with each business owner to answer any questions they may have and if they need any further help.

Eighteen business owners were qualified and received the grant, including American Vinegar Works; Blue Taleh; ChaTime; Connector Grill and café; Egg Roll café; Friend’s Restaurant; Galeria de Los Andes; The London Tailor; Mill City BBQ; Panela; Pizza & Sub Shop; Power House Juice; Purple Carrot Juice; Simply Khmer; Sizzling Kitchen; Small Steps Daycare; Second World Productions; and Worthen House Cafe. The Tomo360 Team is currently working with several of these businesses on their digital marketing – from social media, SEO, email marketing to website development.

Tomo360 is headquartered in Lowell, MA, and helps businesses and nonprofits in their neighborhood including the Athenian Corner, Panela, and The Megan House Foundation.

Here’s what they say about their experiences working with us.


“We are so happy with our new website! The Tomo 360 team was committed to producing a website that showcased our organization and communicates what we do to help young women struggling with substance use disorder. Everyone was so easy to work with; we highly recommend Tomo360.”

Pamela Huntley,  Executive Director of The Megan House Foundation


“I saw the reach on the Facebook LIVE event and I am VERY pleased! This is exactly the kind of customer engagement I wanted. Also, we have seen a steady uptick in take-out business since the Facebook Ads started running. I’m sure the combination of organic social media and paid Boosts is making a difference. If we keep this up, we’ll be in pretty good shape once things open up again. I’m certainly far more optimistic about the outlook than I was back in mid-March! Thank you for all your efforts! Happy to sing your praises to anyone who will listen!”

Teddy Panos, Owner, Athenian Corner Restaurant


“Wow, just an amazing company doing a great job. We couldn’t be happier with our website and our customer’s feedback. Thank you, Tomo360!”

Juan Acevedo, Co-owner, Panela Restaurant, Lowell, MA


“Tomo360 partnered with us to provide a series of marketing webinars targeting local storefront business owners that have been most significantly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Susu shows a genuine interest in helping business owners thrive, especially during these challenging times. She follows up with participants after workshops to discuss any questions they may have. We are thrilled to have Susu and the Tomo360 team as our marketing consultants.”

Maria Dickinson, Economic Development Specialist, City of Lowell



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