Top Facebook & Instagram updates you can’t miss

Top Facebook & Instagram updates you can’t miss


We hear a lot about Meta, but the frequent news stories tend not to mention the more positive updates to the company’s platforms. In fact, October was a pretty big month for Facebook and Instagram

Meta released various new features and updates to their flagship social media sites, and it’s important to understand these changes to make the most of these platforms.

Let’s start by looking at the new Facebook updates in October 2022.

New IP reporting API

Intellectual property, such as the copyright of original content and proprietary images in social networks, has been constantly violated on social platforms, whether accidentally or not.

In an effort by Meta to help resolve this situation, they created a new IP reporting API (Application Programming Interface). The same API is designed to help protect original content on Facebook and Instagram.

This initiative allows users to report content they believe violates their intellectual property rights. Likewise, it was designed to be optimized and integrated with the Graph API, enabling users to fill out reporting forms easily.

Meta is also improving the Brand Rights protection feature, which helps brands protect their content from plagiarism and other copyright infringements. This option is accessible through Meta’s Business Manager.

New Instagram updates for brand collaboration

In July of this year, Instagram began testing its Creator Marketplace. Users in the US can now sign up to join as access rolls out.

As Meta grows, they are also expanding its tools within the Creator Marketplace. These are being designed to improve the experience for creators in terms of collaborations with other brands.

Innovations include the following:

  • Brand projects can be discovered by creators who meet specific criteria. 
  • Creators will be able to inform brands of various opportunities that interest them.
  • Through a prioritized partner inbox, brands will be able to send messages to different creators at the same time. Brands can also send specific projects with fixed offers that creators will be able to review and accept immediately.
  • Creators can submit portfolios that detail their stories and highlight why they are a good fit for brand partnerships.
  • Soon, it will be possible to run content from creators as ads through a unique code. It’ll be easier for businesses to promote organic creator content. 

New Instagram ad surfaces

Meta began rolling out new creative tools and ad surfaces to give brands more flexibility in reaching their target audiences.

The updates include the following:

  • Ads are starting to appear on the Explore page and are currently testing on public profile feeds.
  • A significant improvement in music for Reel Ads, including high-quality free songs.
  • The open beta version of augmented reality ads.
  • AI-powered, multi-advertiser ads that use machine learning to deliver more relevant ads to users who interact with ads in their feed.

Augmented reality ads


Multiple links in bio on Instagram


Instagram has been working on and testing the option to add multiple links to user bios. Some creators have already tested the possible new feature, but the test hasn’t been widely released yet. It is unclear whether or not this feature will be released. 

However, while they’re still working on releasing this new feature, there is an option to have multiple links on your Instagram bio with This website creates a single-link landing page with all the multiple links you would like your followers to go to.


We hope you enjoyed our “Top Facebook & Instagram updates” post. Now you know what Meta has been up to the past few months!

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