4 Scary Marketing Facts

4 Scary Marketing Facts

1) You might have to make a video

Ad viewability is a general measurement of how well ads are being viewed across different platforms such as tablets, mobile, and desktops. Marketers use this information to decide what kinds of ads to create and where to put them so that they will be seen optimally on all these platforms. According to Google’s latest report, video, and the apps that support it, like YouTube, score the highest. 

We all know that videos also perform very well on social media platforms, especially the king of video: YouTube. However, video is easy to use on Instagram, Facebook, and the popular TikTok, and using video regularly can boost engagement and attract followers. We know. It’s terrifying! 

4) There’s More Marketing Automation tech than ever, and more keeps popping up! Boo!

Marketing automation and analytics or Martech is a growing field with new tools to make marketing easier, more informed, and more like a science. It sounds complicated, but Martech is your email newsletter, point-of-sale system, e-commerce shop, customer relationship management programs, and even social media posting programs! Search Engine Journal reports that there are over 8,000 Martech companies right now

Digital marketing and tracking is important to success, so how do you choose? If you are already using a few tools, try educating yourself on the newest features and see if integration between your tools is possible. It will make things easier for you. 

If this isn’t possible some tools can connect your different systems for you, like Zapier. If you want to add or streamline Martech but need help, give us a call.

3) 47% of Small Business Owners Do Marketing Completely on their Own.

Gasp. Small Business Owners wear many hats and probably do too much already. Startups often have to carefully allocate resources and budget, and this can make hiring marketing help tough. So it’s no surprise that almost half of small business owners create and execute their own marketing strategy and programs. The lack of marketing experiences from the business owners could produce subpar video and inadvertently hurt the brand. (Fundera, Small Business Marketing and Trends 2020 Report). 

A little expertise from a marketing expert could go a long way. At Tomo360 we can customize a project to fit your budget. 

4) Ad Blocking Use Continues to Rise

Ad blocking is a filtering software that alters the user experience so that they don’t have to see ads. It can be a browser extension or its own application. Between 2014-15, ad blocking use jumped from 15% to 20%, and it continues to rise incrementally every year. 

According to Statista, by 2021, it’s expected to be as high as 27%. This means that currently, about 25% of your audience may be using ad blockers and not seeing your ads at all! 

While ad campaigns are a great way to build awareness and promote specials, we have to accept that all users may not see your campaign. Having other digital marketing programs in place, like email and social media is increasingly important.


Don’t let marketing scare you! Email us at info@tomo360.com and set up a free consultation today! 

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