Facebook Engagement

Facebook Engagement

Facebook Engagement

Using Facebook For Small Businesses has come a long way over the years, and you may have missed some of the important changes that could impact your social strategy or even sales! To improve your Facebook Engagement Rates,  increase interaction between customers, and create more leads, it’s important to focus on a few key things. Facebook Engagement is crucial for businesses because it helps create relationships with customers, generates warm leads, and gives the opportunity for marketing to new customers.

Below are a few ways to get more likes on your company’s Facebook page:

Analyze Current Insights To Help With Scheduling

  • Figure out the best day/time to share – start scheduling posts during this time
  • Analyze current market – rethink posts, and target this group
  • See the top performing posts from the past month – compare & contrast, and base future posts on what has worked in previous weeks

Make sure your page is optimized, verified, and have the correct informationFacebook Engagement

  • Facebook pages now have a verify button available under Settings that helps your business shine – This can be easily done by entering a phone number or uploading documents
  • Double check that all forms are filled out in the “About” section, including correct description, categories, address, phone number, and email address.
    • While writing the description, focus on keywords for SEO benefit.

Add Call To Action Button & Username

  • There are now 7 Call-To-Action Buttons To Choose From; it’s important to add the one that fits your business best.
    • The Call-To-Action Buttons to choose from are Book Now, Contact Us, Use Apps, Play Game, Shop Now, Sign Up, and Watch Video.
  • Choosing a username (sometimes called custom web address) under Page Info for your page.
    • They make it easier for clients to search or type in your Facebook page.
    • You can also go to facebook.com/username to get started on making a custom web address for your business page.

Post Relative & Engaging Content/Images

  • People react well to videos, images, and fewer words
  • Keep customers interested – share interesting information!
  • Engage customers by asking questions they can answer in a comment or by having a Facebook contest!

Facebook Engagement


Invite to Like, Like, Like!

Consider Paid Ads

  • Facebook Ads gives you the opportunity to target a specific area, demographics, interests, etc. through posts.

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