Tomo360 Leads Marketing Workshops for Lowell-based Businesses Alongside City of Lowell Economic Development Office

Tomo360 Leads Marketing Workshops for Lowell-based Businesses Alongside City of Lowell Economic Development Office

During February and March, Susu Wong, owner of Tomo360, had the opportunity to work alongside The City of Lowell’s Economic Development Office and The Umass Lowell Innovation Hub to plan, coordinate, and implement a series of free Marketing Workshops for 13 Lowell-based business owners.

The Economic Development Office sponsored the four-part workshop series, while The UMass Lowell Innovation Hub generously donated space each week to allow the classes to take place.

The goal of these workshops was to provide business expertise and marketing resources to local businesses so they’re able to advance their marketing skills. Participants who finished all four classes and completed a Marketing Canvas for their business were eligible to apply for a $1,000 grant from The City of Lowell to work with Tomo360 on the implementation of marketing strategies, general marketing consultation, website development, and social media campaigns.

“The City of Lowell strives not only to help businesses get a start in Lowell but also to support them as they continue to grow and develop.  These marketing workshops are one example of the many ways that the City works with businesses to access technical assistance, and we are so grateful of Tomo360’s partnership to be able to make them happen,” said Andrew Shapiro, Director of Economic Development at the City of Lowell, MA.

Andrew Shapiro

Lowell-based business owners submitted applications to take part in this workshop series, which were then reviewed and approved by The City of Lowell. The 13 small businesses that attended the workshops were of all different industries, including restaurants, retail stores, service-based businesses, artists, nonprofits, and startups.

Tomo360 concentrated on teaching many fundamental digital marketing topics during each class, so every industry and business owners were able to relate and learn from the series. Throughout the workshops, participants learned to build a marketing plan using Tomo360’s Marketing Canvas, what to consider when designing a mobile-friendly website, which business objectives should be included in their marketing roadmap,  and how to properly utilize social media for their business. To wrap the series up, Curtis Raymond, a sales manager at ThriveHive, spoke about Search Engine Optimization and Google Ads management to the participants and helped to answer any outstanding questions.

Overall, it was a magnificent success for both the participants and for Tomo360.

“The participants were interactive and engaging. It was great to see that they made a lot of good connections and shared different tips on marketing their businesses ”, said Susu Wong.

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We’ve received great feedback from the participants about the workshops. Take a look at some of these testimonials below:

“The presenter was knowledgeable and had visuals that help me follow along.”

“I loved how interactive they were and how we learned current and up to date information on top service providers in the area.”

“Lots of valuable info was shared and I made great connections.”

Susu Wong presenting at Marketing workshops at Lowell

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